SmartCom 2017 -The 4th International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications-
SmartCom 2017 is organized by IEICE Technical Committee on Smart Radio (SR), IEICE Technical Committee on Short Range Wireless Communications (SRW) and IEICE Technical Committee on Radio Communication Systems (RCS).


  • A plastic board is assigned to each presenter. The size of plastic board is 100cm x 120cm. The poster can be attached on the board by the sticky tape, where the sticky tape is prepared by organizing committee.
  • A table or an easel is assigned to each presenter. The presenter cannot choose table or easel. The length of table is about 2m and the plastic board is put on the table and leans over on the wall of room. If the board is put on the table by the horizontal style, the poster is slightly low and the visual contact of poster may be undesirable. We recommend the vertical style of board. If the easel is assigned, the plastic board is lifted by easel.
  • Unique number is assigned to each presenter for award evaluation. The small paper written about the assigned number is put on the poster in order to be confirmed by evaluator.